The Macaronesian ocean is the ideal place to study the Caretta caretta sea turtle. Research on the behaviour and life cycle of sea turtles in recent decades has enabled us to discover that they are highly migratory and travel hundreds or thousands of miles from the beaches where they laid their eggs and the areas where they feed.

  • Caretta caretta TRACKING BY SATELLITE: The turtles are equipped with ARGOS transmitters to pinpoint their position and thus follow their movements.
  • MACARONESIAN OCEAN MONITORING: The application of these techniques enables us to study the turtles’ migratory routes and their relationship with the environmental factors (temperature, primary productivity, winds) of the sea in which they develop.
Macaronesian ocean

"AEGINA" INTERREG IIIB. Project: Tracking techniques by satellite and Environmental Information Systems applied to the monitoring of some Caretta caretta juvenile specimens’ migration.

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